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About Health by Numb3rs

What we do

We coach our clients to move better, feel better and be happier, taking into consideration the individual needs of each client. We do this by listening.

When you train with Health by Numb3rs, you train with a registered exercise professional who upholds the highest standards and conduct.

Annemarie Lyons’ qualifications and certifications include:

Health by Numb3rs is a member of Fitness Australia and holds current industry standard insurance cover. Annemarie participates in continuing education to improve existing skills, develop and grow as a trainer, and also to meet the requirements of the governing body.

Annemarie’s story 

Health by Numb3rs was born out of several passions - fitness, running and a desire to help others embark upon, strive for, realise and/or challenge their personal health and fitness. And so, back in 2014 the question “Why not turn my passion into a career?” gained momentum.

What’s with the name Health by Numb3rs - A holistic approach to health and fitness?

A frequently asked question! The concept comes from a love of running, which of course involves numbers (distance, pace, heart rate), combined with the various health markers used to measure and track critical factors (blood pressure, heart rate, cholesterol etc). And so the concept of Health by Numb3rs was born.

To achieve optimal health and fitness we need to be in it for the long haul. We need to embark on, and continue with, a sustainable lifestyle including a whole-of-life journey, not just an 8 week “come and try, exercise, and lose some weight ” type of program that we see promoted in gyms. Quite often, once finished these 'programs' participants find themselves back on the same old merry-go-round, because that concept is just not sustainable long term.

A holistic approach to health and fitness on the other hand, looks at all areas of life, setting about finding acceptance, letting go of judgments, planning, goal setting, nutrition education, exercise and achieving balance in all areas.

If this is what’s important to you, come on the journey with me.

Annemarie Lyons

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