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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be fit to attend?

No, you don’t need to be fit, you simply need to start. And starting is quite often the hardest part. Chances are, your fitness will increase and go from strength to strength. We track improvements along the way.

What classes are offered?

See our Weekly Timetable ›

Do you offer PTs as well?

Yes, we train and challenge members in personal training sessions. You get to choose how many each week. You can train on your own or with a buddy. See our Personal Training page.

What do I need to bring with me?

You need to bring a clean towel, full water bottle and a mat if you have one. Non-slip, closed in shoes are required except for POUND and Mat Pilates. Generation Pound children require closed in shoes.

What do I wear?

You need to wear comfortable and appropriate clothes and sneakers/gym shoes. January 2022 Qld Govt COVID Regulations require you to wear a mask indoors, except when it is unsafe or participating in vigorous activity.

What if I’m injured?

You need to discuss this PRIOR TO commencing your session, with your instructor. We can then modify exercises if appropriate.

How do I pay?

Fortnightly or weekly direct debit payments will be set up. Paperwork will be supplied upon commencement.

Is there a joining fee?

No, there is no joining fee.

Is there a minimum lock in contract?

No, there is no lock-in or minimum term contract (unless specifically advised in an Offer).

Can I suspend payments if I go away on holiday?

Yes, you may suspend for a total of 4 weeks in any one year while away on holiday.

Is it a big, noisy gym?

No, we are not your typical, large 24/7 gym with multiple machines, people, trainers and noise. Owned and run by Annemarie, with 5 years’ training and a wealth of fitness experience behind her, we are a small, personal, supportive environment. Semi-private group sessions are small, friendly and supportive.

Do you offer children’s classes?

What else do you do?

Do you run challenges?

Yes! However we look at these programs as the start of a long-term sustainable lifestyle, not merely an 8-week, start-stop ‘challenge’. Keep your eye on the Facebook page or contact us to enquire about the next round.

Resource: healthbynumbers.com.au/frequently-asked-questions.php Printed: 2022-06-28
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